About Us

LAMCO was built on the belief that conventional know-how and good old-fashioned hard work go well together.  We have combined this basic foundation with technological competence and a strong dedication to customer service which has resulted in efficiently managed projects and satisfied customers.

LAMCO has a proven track record with our clients across the United States whether we are completing projects or serving as an integrated part of your business on a long term basis.  All of our services can be performed in your office or ours.  It is customary for our staff to have 25+ years experience in the industry.  When you choose LAMCO you can be confident that seasoned professionals are handling your assets.

We serve small to large E&P companies, funded entities, and investment groups by handling all of your oil and gas business needs.  If you are buying or selling properties we can review and prepare assets for transactions of any size nationwide.

At LAMCO we believe that customer satisfaction is the catalyst for prosperity and growth.  We look forward to proving what our team can do for you and your business.

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